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October 16, 2016

Lexington Wedding Photographer- Lilly & Bob

Engagement sessions truly are the best! You get engaged and its SO EXCITING and then the stress of decision making and budgeting and all the not so fun stuff of wedding planning kicks in. No one ever tells you how overwhelming wedding planning can be or that its going to be like having a second full time job. While it is SO amazing and such a cool time leading up to the wedding with your fiance …it’s also ALOT of waiting. So that’s where your engagement sessions comes in! It’s one of those fun parts of wedding planning that makes you take a step back and remember why exactly your putting yourself through all the crazy. That your marrying the love of your life and planning a big party to celebrate that is totally worth it. Worth every second of crazy in fact!

I met Lilly and Bob in downtown Charleston for their engagement session and it was truly perfect. The way these two fit together was like puzzle pieces that knew exactly where they belong. They laughed and they danced and they spent time snuggling like no one was watching. I loved their laid back love towards one another and I think their images really reflect that connection.  Lilly’s blush floor length gown was the perfect accent to Charleston’s oh so charming cobblestone streets and pastel painted homes. It was like these two were made for it!

I absolutely cannot wait for their Legare Waring House wedding next spring! Judging just by our first interaction it is sure to be a special and love filled day celebrating their marriage.  I am so thankful that our clients Bekah and Ryan who you’ve seen a couple times on the blog now sent them our way and we get to continue to see the amazing couples more than just on their wedding days. It’s such a gift!

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