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October 16, 2016

Country Club of Crystal Coast Wedding in North Carolina

What happens when a cheerleader and a hockey player fall in love 10 years ago? The most beautiful coastal wedding you’ve ever seen in North Carolina! This Country Club of Crystal Coast Wedding was one for the record books!


The Details for the Wedding

A celebration that you could feel the history of this couple in. So many stories and so much life has happened between these two over the years.  I loved listening to the speeches and hearing everything they have experienced and been through together. It was amazing to see them join together after all of that. This North Carolina Wedding not only had the most sweetest of couples, but every detail in their wedding was so sweet and detailed. From the color scheme, which was absolutely a dream to photograph to their beautiful driftwood arch at their ceremony, every single detail was mesmerizing.

The Sweetest Part of the Wedding

The sweetest part of the whole day though? Andrew bought a notebook a few days before he proposed to Amanda and then wrote in it every DAY until their wedding. Watching Amanda open and read something so meaningful as Andrew’s thoughts the day he was going to propose to her was seriously one of those moments where I am so thankful I get to call this my “job.”


Country Club of Crystal Coast Wedding Photos


These shoes were to die for!


Can we agree on how beautiful these details are!

charlestonweddingphotographer_1170 charlestonweddingphotographer_1172 charlestonweddingphotographer_1173

How sweet is Andrew to write every single day! Watching Amanda read this was such a special moment.

charlestonweddingphotographer_1174 charlestonweddingphotographer_1175

You have to love these matching monogramed bridesmaids outfits!  charlestonweddingphotographer_1176charlestonweddingphotographer_1177 charlestonweddingphotographer_1178 charlestonweddingphotographer_1179 charlestonweddingphotographer_1180 charlestonweddingphotographer_1181 charlestonweddingphotographer_1182 charlestonweddingphotographer_1183 charlestonweddingphotographer_1184 charlestonweddingphotographer_1185

These bridesmaids were left in awe to see how beautiful Amanda looked in her dress.


These littles had just the most perfect braids and dresses! Ready to accompany Amanda in her big day

charlestonweddingphotographer_1187 charlestonweddingphotographer_1188 charlestonweddingphotographer_1189

Can we talk about how perfect these colors are?

charlestonweddingphotographer_1190 charlestonweddingphotographer_1191 charlestonweddingphotographer_1192 charlestonweddingphotographer_1193 charlestonweddingphotographer_1194 charlestonweddingphotographer_1195 charlestonweddingphotographer_1196 charlestonweddingphotographer_1197 charlestonweddingphotographer_1198

The most beautiful of  driftwood arches!

charlestonweddingphotographer_1199 charlestonweddingphotographer_1200 charlestonweddingphotographer_1201

Such a sweet moment when Andrew saw Amanda for the first time. Hold the tears!

charlestonweddingphotographer_1202 charlestonweddingphotographer_1203 charlestonweddingphotographer_1204 charlestonweddingphotographer_1205 charlestonweddingphotographer_1206 charlestonweddingphotographer_1207 charlestonweddingphotographer_1208 charlestonweddingphotographer_1209

They’re married!!


Amanda’s expression is priceless! Full of excitement and joy!

charlestonweddingphotographer_1211 charlestonweddingphotographer_1212 charlestonweddingphotographer_1213 charlestonweddingphotographer_1214 charlestonweddingphotographer_1215 charlestonweddingphotographer_1216 charlestonweddingphotographer_1217 charlestonweddingphotographer_1218 charlestonweddingphotographer_1219 charlestonweddingphotographer_1220 charlestonweddingphotographer_1221 charlestonweddingphotographer_1222 charlestonweddingphotographer_1223 charlestonweddingphotographer_1224 charlestonweddingphotographer_1225 charlestonweddingphotographer_1226 charlestonweddingphotographer_1227 charlestonweddingphotographer_1228 charlestonweddingphotographer_1229 charlestonweddingphotographer_1230 charlestonweddingphotographer_1231 charlestonweddingphotographer_1232 charlestonweddingphotographer_1233 charlestonweddingphotographer_1234 charlestonweddingphotographer_1235 charlestonweddingphotographer_1236 charlestonweddingphotographer_1237 charlestonweddingphotographer_1238 charlestonweddingphotographer_1239 charlestonweddingphotographer_1240


Thanks to these amazing vendors

Wedding Planners

Posh Petals and Pearls 



Charming & Quaint 

Crystal Coast Event Rentals 

Country Club of Crystal Coast

Party Tables, Inc

Beachview Event Rentals 


The Beach Bakery 

Music and DJ

The Crystal Coast Musicians 

Absolute Best DJ Service


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