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January 25, 2015

Amanda & Kyle- Savannah Engagement Session (Savannah Wedding Photographer

Seeing as Amanda & Kyle live in florida they have already had an engagement session done last year so they could ensure they got them done. When I found out they were coming into town I INSISTED we do a Savannah one too! Even if it was just a quick mini session before all of their wedding planning began. So of course they obliged and we made it happen! Kyle and amanda were so easy and fun to photograph. They laughed together so naturally and had the sweetest love that radiated from them. Amanda even wore her gorgeous bracelet Kyle bought her with the coordinates of where they got engaged on it! I mean seriously does it get ANY sweeter? Yea I didn’t think so either :p 2015-01-25_00062015-01-25_00072015-01-25_00082015-01-25_00092015-01-25_00102015-01-25_00112015-01-25_00122015-01-25_00132015-01-25_00142015-01-25_00152015-01-25_00162015-01-25_00172015-01-25_00012015-01-25_00022015-01-25_00032015-01-25_00042015-01-25_0005

  1. cammie says:

    Thank you Rach Lea – these are beautiful!

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