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January 23, 2015

Winter Vacations- Take 1! (North Georgia Wedding Photographer)

If you don’t know it by now….WE LOVE TO TRAVEL! We are actually in a hotel in NYC as I type this blogpost. One of our favorite things to do when traveling is exploring the great outdoors and taking a break from reality. This trip was EXACTLY that! We are so grateful for our downtime in December and January that allows for us to take trips like this that rejuvenate our souls. I am not sure we would survive without them. We spent the holidays in Kentucky with family and decided on the way home we needed to stop and have some secluded us time and get some fresh air. Since moving to Georgia 2 years ago we had never made the trip to the North Georgia mountains! CRAZY TOWN I know! We have been all over NC and TENNESSEE in the mountains but never their! Troy mentioned he had always wanted to hike the beginning of the appalachian trail! So that is what we did! I found an awesome Lodge right in the middle of the state park. If you ever get a chance to go DO it! And stay at Hike Inn or Amicalola falls Lodge! AMAZING views and wonderful service! So peaceful and exactly what was needed. Anywho I wanted to share some photos of our trip along with the video my AWESOME hubby made! Check it out at the bottom. 2015-01-23_00322015-01-23_00022015-01-23_00032015-01-23_00042015-01-23_00052015-01-23_00062015-01-23_00072015-01-23_00092015-01-23_00102015-01-23_00112015-01-23_00122015-01-23_00132015-01-23_00142015-01-23_00152015-01-23_00162015-01-23_00172015-01-23_00182015-01-23_00192015-01-23_00202015-01-23_00212015-01-23_00222015-01-23_00242015-01-23_00252015-01-23_00262015-01-23_00272015-01-23_0028This is Kirby’s I just climbed a mountain pose!!




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