Britney and Michael are from Northern Kentucky area and being a Kentucky girl myself originally I instantly connected with them on that. When these two thought of their wedding they imagined something intimate and meaningful with only their closest friends and family. When I say closest friends I still mean ALOT of people. haha! I […]

Haley and Dan put a smile on my face from the moment they walked up! Not only were they gorgeous and styling but they had one of those (both of them) personalities that you just want to be around. I think I could have walked around downtown Savannah with them all day for their engagement […]

My goodness what a beautiful day in Charleston it was for a wedding! I truly cannot begin to tell you just how beautiful Kate looked and how sweet and darling Scotty is. Kate’s sister and parents were both married on Seabrook Island Wedding and now it was her turn to continue a beautiful tradition. What […]

Tabitha and Patrick were introduced to me through a mutual friend of mine. They had a beautiful love story of a whirlwind romance which I quickly related too if any of you know Troy and I’s story. There is nothing I love more than two people who are just so excited to be married that […]