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October 29, 2014

Savannah Vintage Rentals|Featured Vendor|- Savannah Antique and Vintage Furniture Rental (Savannah Wedding Photographer)

Meet Stephanie & Dan of Savannah Vintage Rentals. They are an adorable husband and wife team , Stephanie handles the design and Dan is your heavy lifter of  course! haha! Savannah Vintage Rentals is your go to if your looking for awesome seating, table, props and furniture for your wedding! I got the chance to interview them for a vendor feature on my blog this week and it was so funny to learn about their business and how it all works!


1.  How did you start Savannah Vintage Rentals?

When planning our wedding about 3 years ago, we really wanted to incorporate vintage furniture into our ceremony and reception.  I scoured the website trying to find vintage rental companies in or around Savannah and just couldn’t find anything.  That’s when the idea started and just kept brewing for nearly three years.  I finally got the nerve up to mention it to Dan and was surprised to hear that he thought it was a fantastic idea.  So we talked about it every single day for a month and then just decided to take the plunge and here we are!
2.   Where does your inspiration come from? Share a mood board of some of  your favorite uses of vintage furniture and props at weddings!
My inspiration definitely comes from my love for anything vintage.  I have been a collector of anything old and unique for years.  Dan didn’t get it at first but now he has a fantastic eye.  Savannah absolutely fuels my inspiration.  What better place to find vintage influences at every turn.
VintageRomance Moodboard
3.  You work with a lot of brides – what are some tips you’d give to brides as to how your vintage rentals could be used for their wedding and receptions?
I love to see when a bride incorporates her own family heirlooms in with our furniture and props.  For instance, a bride could provide an old radio or record player to put in with a lounge area that we create for a reception.  This really makes it personal and is more memorable for the whole family.
 4. Which piece is your favorite and why? 
Oh wow, a favorite?  I seriously fall in love with everything we pick up.  I’m always telling Dan – this one is my favorite!  That “favorite” changes weekly 🙂 
If I had to pick just one I’d probably say the “Belle” sofa.  I have contemplated just keeping that one for myself and putting it in my living room.  It also doesn’t hurt that this is the first sofa that we re-upholstered ourselves.  
5. You are married and recently planned a wedding, what advice do you have for future brides that you wish you knew before your wedding?
I wish I knew about all of the amazing venues around Savannah!  Now that I am part of the wedding industry, I have had the opportunity to view many wedding venues around our town.  I have seen so many beautiful spaces and properties.  I would suggest that brides really take the time to visit many venues.  I feel like once you find your venue, everything else falls into place.
6.       Where can we find more from you? (eg: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)
www.savvintagerentals.com – You can find everything that we have in our inventory on our website.  
https://www.facebook.com/savvintagerentals – We’re always posted pictures of inventory, buying trips, and progress of pieces we’re working on.  Follow us on Facebook to see these updates.
http://instagram.com/savvintagerentals – We have a lot of fun with our Instagram.  You can find pictures of new inventory, picking trips, digging through old barns, and even venue visits.  Follow us to keep up!
http://www.pinterest.com/savvintage/ – Follow us on Pinterest to see where most of our inspirations come from!  




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