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July 16, 2015

Kirby Jane’s Adventures- The Zoo- Savannah Wedding Photographer

I realized that as of lately among the craziness of wedding season my personal post have been lacking. We have done some serious traveling for weddings and personal time over the last 6 months that I plan to share but for now I thought I would start with our most recent adventure! I RARELY have a sunday off. We live in a city where most weddings are destinations and almost all my brides are traveling in from out of town. So even if I have a wedding on Saturday I almost always also have an engagement session on the sunday after. I have tried to get better about this as it is a day for family fun for most people and a day of rest for others. We randomly had a sunday off this past weekend and honestly found ourselves asking what most people do on sundays hahaha!

We have friends coming in town this coming weekend for some summer fun on the boat so we decided not to do that. We had been messing around with the idea of going down to the Jacksonville Zoo for a few weeks now and couldn’t find the time so when this day opened up we assumed it was fate and headed down!  Kirby of course talked the WHOLE way down there. haha! She told us all about the animals she planned to see and  the things she was going to do at the Zoo. I love her adventurous soul and her need to seek and do new things.

There is a funny story that if you know Kirby… you know that she LOVES hotels. She actually names all of them that we stay at along the way on our travels. When we are on a beach she obviously calls them “The Beach Hotel” when we were in New York we stayed at the Roosevelt and Troy talked to her about how Roosevelt was a president. That hotel then became “The President Hotel” and we still talk about it. There are really too many to name but the point of my story is that while at the zoo Kirby said …I Wish there was a Zoo Hotel! I may have squealed a little bit because she is going to get the best surprise ever when we are at Disney in September! She will be staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge! A real Zoo Hotel! We can’t wait to share those photos and stories with you then! Until then I give you Kirby’s Jacksonville Zoo Adventure 🙂


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