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March 30, 2016

Our Irish Adventure!

Guys!! Everyone has been so excited about seeing our Ireland photos and today is FINALLY the day! I am sure most of you know this but Troy and I got married very young and very fast almost 9 years ago! CRAZY RIGHT!?! Well we had an amazing wedding and a beautiful honeymoon but we were reaching out late twentys/early thirties and had never really traveled to one of those amazing places you see everyone going in Europe! For a lot of reasons but Troy was in the military and we obviously not in the financial place in our early years and then we had Kirby, moved to Savannah our business went crazy and here we are 9 years later and it was finally our chance! Our chance to see the world and soak up that crazy amazing feeling that traveling gives you. Im not saying we haven’t been awesome places guys! We sure have! We’re so blessed for the places our weddings take us and for where our families traveled growing up. This was just one of those ONCE in a LIFETIME trips.(Although I defiantly plan to take Kirby back one day 😛 So maybe not! Hahaha!)  Ok so without further a do! I give you a little breakdown of our trip + Some awesome sights we saw along the way with photos go along! ENJOY!

Day 1- Kilkenny- Beer, Food and Castles! Our first stop on the trip was Kilkenny after landing in Dublin. The most fun part after arriving was getting in our car on the wrong side of the car and road and figuring all that out! It felt so weird but was such a funny experience and by the end of the trip Troy was PRO!. We arrived in Kilkenny exhausted from the overnight flight so we took a quick snooze then made our way to this sweet little medieval town to have some fish and chips and beers! It was a the perfect little town for that! The next morning we woke up and checked out the AMAZING Kilkenny Castles! I loved being able to tour the inside. It’s definitely a must see.


Day 2- Blarney Castle/Cork- After our morning at Kilkenny we hopped in the car on our next adventure! Headed to Cork to see the Blarney Castle and stay a night there! I have to say the Blarney Castle and their grounds blew me away. I loved how rustic and unperfect it all was. Yes, we kissed the blarney stone. Although I am only 5″1 could barely reach it and feared for my life hahah! This was truly one of our favorite days in Ireland! It started pouring on us and we didn’t even care because after every rain in Ireland came the sun and a rainbow. It was a magical! 2016-03-17_00072016-03-17_00092016-03-17_00152016-03-17_00162016-03-17_00172016-03-17_00182016-03-17_00192016-03-17_00202016-03-17_00212016-03-17_0022

Day 3- Kinsale, The drive to Killarney and Ladies View- After leaving Cork we were so excited to make our way down the coast! We started our morning in the sweet little coast town or Kinsale (Where we also got a flat tire! HA! But they had us fixed up real quick) After that we made our way to Killarney by a coastal drive that was our first real glimpse of coastal Ireland and it was INCREDIBLE! Ruins on every corner and beautiful mountains on the background of the beaches! 2016-03-17_00102016-03-17_00112016-03-17_00122016-03-17_00132016-03-17_00142016-03-17_00232016-03-17_00242016-03-17_00252016-03-17_0026

As we got closer to Killarney we began to see the incredible mountains. The drive there through these amazing roads there were views for miles! IT was so incredible we Troy of course had to pull off to climb the mountain lol.

As we arrived in Killarney we made it to the top and got to see the amazing “Ladies View” it was so breathtaking and FREEZING cold lol! 2016-03-17_00292016-03-17_00302016-03-17_00312016-03-17_0032

Day 4- Ross Castle & Killarney National Park- Our next day in Killarney we made a stop at the beautiful Ross Castle before hitting up the trails at Killarney National park!  We even went on a horse Jaunt through the park stopping at Muckross Abbey and Muckross House it was so beautiful! After that we made the hike to TORC Waterfall! It was amazing views all the way to the top! I LOVED this day! 2016-03-17_00332016-03-17_00342016-03-17_00352016-03-17_00362016-03-17_00372016-03-17_00382016-03-17_00392016-03-17_00402016-03-17_00412016-03-17_00422016-03-17_00432016-03-17_00442016-03-17_00462016-03-17_00472016-03-17_00482016-03-17_0049
GUYS I literally took this photo from our hotel window! We work up one morning to snow on the mountain tops and it seriously didn’t even look real! 2016-03-17_0050

DAY 5- Slea Head Drive and Dingle- This was literally the BEST day of the whole trip. We had a gorgeous day full of sunshine and clear skies and that was not typical hahah! We kept saying it couldn’t have been a more perfect day for it. We had the best day doing Slea Head Drive and stopping all along the coast seeing the amazing sites. There is something so amazing about seeing all this that makes you feel so small and so inspired. Its really incredible seeing some of the most amazing sites in the world with your best friend and love of your life! MY goodness its just incredible.

Troy’s patience in Ireland for my self timer photos was so good. It waited patiently for all of them! Man its tough traveling just the two of you and wanting ALL the photos in the world lol!

Day 6- King John’s Castle and Cliffs of Moher! – The night before heading out to Cliffs of Moher we stayed in Limerick and loved getting up that morning and walking the cool city streets and seeing King John’s castle. After that we made the drive to the cliffs. I have to say they were SO AMAZING and so beautiful but man oh man was it sad how slam packed it was with tourist! In the off season to to be so crazy! I really enjoyed all the peacefulness we had seeing the sites being on the drives by ourselves so this was a total shocker to us. Totally worth seeing just not something Id stick around all day for. After this we headed to Galway for our stay and we took the Burren way all around the coast to go up to Galway and it was gorgeous!


Day 7- Connemara National Park- This one may have been one of our favorites from the whole trip. I know I keep saying that but its so hard to pick! We went to this beautiful national park and drove sky road and stopped along the way! I sadly didn’t take a ton of photos this day because it rained all day!


There were cows and sheep EVERYWHERE I worked really hard to make sure I snagged a shot of them hahah! Loved this guy yelling at me 😛 2016-03-29_0061

Day 8- Dublin- Our first day back in Dublin we did a little shopping and rode the hop on hop off bus to check out the scenes we all wanted to see. I was terrible about taking photos in Dublin because I was cold and just to obsessed and in engaged with EVERYTHING lol. Several points in the day I told Troy “I could live here!”


Day 9- Our Ireland Editorial and Kilruddery House and Gardens-  We spent our last full day in Ireland shooting an INCREDIBLE editorial at this beautiful private home. This was seriously a dream and we are just so thankful for everyone we got to meet and get to know. We will be back to visit without a doubt. SO last but not a least a tiny sneak peek of our Ireland Editorial because the rest is under wraps until its published.

2016-03-29_00692016-03-29_0070 2016-03-29_0074









  1. Alison says:

    Loooooove them ALL!!! And love you too!!! ????

  2. Michelle says:

    Y’all are too cute!!

  3. Eden says:

    Rachel…these are INCREDIBLE. So jealous of your trip that I just texted Eric telling him how badly I want to go! His family was over there the same week you were, and all the photos he kept sending made me swoon. Cannot wait to see the rest of the pictures from the editorial!!

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