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December 10, 2015

Kathryn and Dave

2015-12-10_0075It was the weekend after our lovely Joaquin hit the east coast with hurricanes and lovely rain storms for two days straight and causing lots of craziness and flooding all over many South Carolina cities. Not Hilton Head though. It was the PERFECT day! I felt like the clouds and rain would NEVER move out after this big storm! Then that beautiful Sunday morning out came the sun and shined down on this amazing couple! They had the most perfect and quaint wedding day that felt perfectly coastal and sweet just like Kathryn! She has the softest and sweetest nature about her and you could tell this day was the perfect wedding for them. It always makes me SO happy to see all this planning come together and reflect the couples and who they are so flawlessly.

After the perfect ceremony under the most gorgeous live oak in Hilton Head (Im convinced!) these two danced the night away with their closest friends and family! I am so excited to share these with you! Enjoy!


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