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October 26, 2014

Jenn & Andrew- Louisville KY Wedding Photographer-Whitehall House and Gardens (Savannah Wedding Photographer)

2014-10-27_0065 I think if I could pick one thing that I love the most about my job it would be days like this. Jenn and I have known each other through our parents who are friends since about 6th grade.  She has always been and still is so incredibly gorgeous inside and out.  Here is the second part of the story that makes this day even better. My mom has been friends with Andrew’s mom since HIGH SCHOOL. How cool is that? Being able to witness two people who I know are made for each other come together as one is by far the best and my most favorite part of this job. Jenn and Andrew had a true celebration of life and love among all of their closest friends and beautiful families. It was a gorgeous fall day in Kentucky at While Hall House and Gardens and the perfect combination of warm fall tones scattered throughout all the details. The party topped it all though, beautiful tear jerking speeches, special dances and quite the crowd on the dance floor! It was such a blast to be a part of and I am so thankful they chose me. 2014-10-26_00082014-10-26_00102014-10-26_00112014-10-26_00122014-10-26_00132014-10-26_00142014-10-26_00152014-10-26_00162014-10-26_00172014-10-26_00182014-10-26_00192014-10-26_00202014-10-26_00232014-10-26_00212014-10-26_00222014-10-26_00242014-10-26_00252014-10-26_00262014-10-26_00272014-10-26_00282014-10-26_00292014-10-26_00302014-10-26_00312014-10-26_00322014-10-26_00332014-10-26_00342014-10-26_00352014-10-26_00362014-10-26_00372014-10-26_00382014-10-26_00392014-10-26_00402014-10-26_00412014-10-26_00422014-10-26_00432014-10-27_00012014-10-27_00022014-10-27_00052014-10-27_00072014-10-27_00092014-10-27_00082014-10-27_00102014-10-27_00112014-10-27_00122014-10-27_00162014-10-27_00132014-10-27_00142014-10-27_00152014-10-27_00172014-10-27_00182014-10-27_00192014-10-27_00202014-10-27_00212014-10-27_00222014-10-27_00232014-10-27_00252014-10-27_00242014-10-27_00262014-10-27_00272014-10-27_00282014-10-27_00292014-10-27_00312014-10-27_00322014-10-27_00332014-10-27_00342014-10-27_00352014-10-27_00362014-10-27_00372014-10-27_00382014-10-27_00392014-10-26_00072014-10-27_00032014-10-27_00402014-10-27_00412014-10-27_00422014-10-27_00432014-10-27_00442014-10-27_00462014-10-27_00472014-10-27_00482014-10-27_00492014-10-27_00502014-10-27_00512014-10-27_00522014-10-27_00532014-10-27_00542014-10-27_00552014-10-27_00562014-10-27_00572014-10-27_00582014-10-27_00592014-10-27_00602014-10-27_00612014-10-27_00622014-10-27_00632014-10-27_0064

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