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January 3, 2015

2014 Best of Engagements- (Savannah & Charleston Wedding Photographer)

As I was sitting there prepping my blog post for “2014-A Year in Review” I realized hey! What about all of those beautiful engagement sessions?! So I decided we shall do a year of engagements as well! This is just a compilation of my favorite engagements/propals/couples sessions over the last year! I am so excited for so many of these ladies who are getting married THIS YEAR! Here that ladies?! It’s your wedding year!! Yay! But also many of these couples you will recognize from my 2014 wedding post because they got married in 2014. YAY!

I truly don’t think I could ever put into words how lucky I feel to call this my “work” because honestly …It doesn’t feel like a lick of work. Even when I am spending hours editing/blogging/managing social media I think to myself man I LOVE THIS. I love getting to document the lives of so many wonderful people. I mean I could have ended up with bridezillas and nope NOT ONE. They are all AMAZING. I would seriously call everyone of these girls my friends and thats my favorite part of this job. Getting to show up on a wedding day feeling like were old friends. It doesn’t get much more special than that folks!  Alright I will stop blabbing and share my favs of 2014! Here we go! ….


2015-01-03_00032015-01-03_00042015-01-03_00052015-01-03_00062015-01-03_00072015-01-03_00082015-01-03_00092015-01-03_00102015-01-03_00112015-01-03_00122015-01-03_00132015-01-03_00142015-01-03_00152015-01-03_00162015-01-03_00172015-01-03_0018View More: http://rachleaphoto.pass.us/danielleryanView More: http://rachleaphoto.pass.us/danielleryan2015-01-03_00212015-01-03_00222015-01-03_00232015-01-03_00242015-01-03_00252015-01-03_00262015-01-03_00272015-01-03_0028View More: http://rachleaphoto.pass.us/jennmattView More: http://rachleaphoto.pass.us/jennmatt2015-01-03_00312015-01-03_00322015-01-03_00332015-01-03_00342015-01-03_00352015-01-03_00362015-01-03_00372015-01-03_00382015-01-03_00392015-01-03_00402015-01-03_00412015-01-03_00422015-01-03_00432015-01-03_00442015-01-03_00452015-01-03_00462015-01-03_00472015-01-03_00482015-01-03_00492015-01-03_00502015-01-03_00512015-01-03_00522015-01-03_00532015-01-03_00542015-01-03_00552015-01-03_00562015-01-03_00012015-01-03_00022015-01-03_00572015-01-03_0058

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