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February 7, 2016

Nancy & Randal- Charles H. Morris Center Wedding | Savannah Wedding Photographer

This past year in Savannah really brought us to the point where we felt like we were home. I’m sure most everyone knows and maybe some don’t know that Troy and I are from Kentucky and we spent the first 6 years of our marriage in the military and living wherever they told us to. When we got out we knew we wanted to lay down roots and make a life somewhere. We had no idea where that would be. We tried our hometown first of course but for some reason or another (The cold I’m sure ha!) it didn’t feel right! So we decided then to head down south. Troy took a job at Gulfstream 3 1/2 years ago and we made our way down south. I instantly fell in love with Savannah for so many reasons. One being that it was a little big town as I like to call it. There was plenty to do and all the conveniences we love of a big city but there was this community among locals within it. Who knew in this city so many people could be connected and know each other. I absolutely loved it.

It was then that I knew we were living somewhere truly special and that being a savannah wedding photographer was going to be different then any other place I lived as a wedding photographer. I found that so many of my brides knew each other and I would see them at each others weddings and it brought me so much joy to get to know these girls even better over their year of wedding planning. This brings me to Nancy! I got to see them at another couples wedding this year and really see them together in their element before their wedding and that was something so special. So that by the time their wedding rolled around it was like we were old friends and I knew exactly when they were in their most comfortable and natural state. It created for so many beautiful and candid moments throughout out their wedding day. I feel so lucky to have gotten to know so many amazing couples through my time in Savannah.

When Nancy and Randal told me what they wanted out of their day they simply said “FUN!”  They wanted it to be a blast for their friends and family and to dance the night away having the time of their lives. If you scroll to the bottom of this post you will see that they accomplished just that! The night of their lives that they will never forget!


This moment was quite possibly the sweetest I have ever captured. Love me some grandmas! 2016-02-04_01102016-02-04_01112016-02-04_01142016-02-04_01192016-02-04_01152016-02-04_0123






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