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February 3, 2016

Kelli & Andrew- Pulaski Square Wedding | Savannah Wedding Photographer

It all began when they were little kids. Two kids who had no idea that one day almost twenty years later they would fall in love. There was a certain bond and connection between Kelli and Andrew that you just don’t see that often. Everyone around them knew it was it was like they knew this day would come for them all along. When I arrived to their rental on that Brisk and beautiful November afternoon Kelli was calm , cool and collected. I asked her how she was feeling and she just said “Happy.” Their day was the perfect reflection of their love. It was soft and intimate and they were surrounded with so much love from their family and friends.

They had an intimate ceremony in Pulaski Square just an hour before sunset when gorgeous golden light was filtering through those gorgeous Savannah trees. It was the perfect backdrop for their lifelong commitment to one another. The smiles on their faces as they came back down the aisle as husband and wife were some of the biggest I’ve ever seen. It was the same for all their guest! Grins from ear to ear and warm and fuzzy feelings for all, including me!  The finished their night at 10 downing down on Bay street for the perfect intimate reception. I sincerely adore you Kelli and Andrew and know you will have a beautiful life together. Thank you for choosing me to tell the beginning of your next chapter.










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